Manual Assembly

⇒ Surface Mount

Jenste offer a Surface Mounting Assembly service placing components in sizes down to 0603 and up to Quad chips in volumes of prototypes to batch production runs, single and double sided FR4 PCB’s and aluminium and copper metal clad PCB’s.  We utilise 2 pick and place lines in house with placement areas up to 500mm square.

We offer printed circuit board assembly for a wide range of volume, mix and complexity requirements – no clean or aqueous solder process – lead free RoHS compliant – fine pitch screen printing/placement down – odd form part placement – mixed technology – mil-spec.

⇒ Through – Hole

An additional PCB option that Jenste offers is Through0-Hole technology.

The strong mechanical bonds of PCB Through-Hole, technology allows for increased mounting strength. Some military and aerospace circuits will only use this technological process.

Although older and more expensive than surface mount technology, it may be the reliable, powerful solution to your printed wiring board pursuit.

TH components are placed in our facility by hand and we offer through-hole technology in the forms of design, assembly and customer kits and can be assembled through both lead and lead-free soldering processes using no-clean process – water wash and soldered to IPC A 610 standards.


As the manufacturing partner to our customers, at Jenste we are committed to ensuring that all of our processes and the assemblies we supply are fully compliant with the latest legislations.

New directives under the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and restriction and use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) regulations have dictated that components and assemblies must be ‘lead free’. That is in this context defined as less than 0.1% lead by weight.

We minimise the use of these substances by providing both lead-free and tin/lead manufacturing processes. Jenste ensures that we retain full control of components, including those covered by RoHs (EC Directive on Restrictions of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment).

Our processes help customers meet their obligations under WEEE (EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), for both end of life and also original packaging materials.