Jenste offers a PCB design and turnkey electronic engineering service at competitive prices.  With our resources and experience, we have what it takes to meet your project needs from concept to production to become your complete electronic engineering partner regardless of how large or small your project is.


Buying materials at the right price and delivery requires resources with appropriate contacts and market knowledge. At Jenste we have extensive experience in procuring all types of materials and support to control your order from receipt to delivery.


Our Services include: Prototyping / In-house design and PCB board & assembly layout / Design for manufacture /Surface Mount PCB and LED assembly / Through-Hole assembly / Cable Assemblies / Box build – shelf ready products / Test and Inspection / Conformal coating / potting /Supply chain management.


Jenste provides a full electronic, electrical and mechanical box build assembly service. This service ranges from small enclosures for PCB assemblies to larger more complex fabricated box build assembly and fully finished products ready to ship to the end user.


As a ‘Can Do Company’,Jenste offer a wide range of electronic and engineering services. Our specialist services are primarily within the LED lighting industry but due to increased demand we have extended our services to many other sectors:

⇒ Surface Mount Assembly Services – from standard electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors to high power LEDs and ICs.

⇒ Board Design and Layout Services – such as simple constant current LED linear boards and circular multi-chip arrays, to driver boards and constant voltage LED incorporated circuits.

⇒ Procurement Services – from bare circuit boards, electronic components (including LEDs) and LED drivers to LED flexible strips, complete modules and heat sink extrusions.

⇒ Assembly Services – part and complete assembly of modules and light engines, including mounting populated PCBs in extrusions, fitting LED optics and applying cabling and connectors to light engines and LED drivers.

These are only examples of what Jenste Ltd can offer you, if you have a specific requirement related to LED Solutions or any electronic assembly please contact us to discuss your requirements.